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About Us

TOYOGO, a brand that has been around for 30 years. TOYOGO is known for manufacturing a wide range of plastic products. 

TOYOGO's production plants and warehouses are located in Senai Industrial Estate, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, which occupies a total land area exceeding 10 Hectares (approximately 1 million sq.ft.). 

Machines which are used to manufacture our products are fully automated so as to produce better quality products to meet the growing market demand.

Our Research & Development Department consistently innovate to create and develop new and excellent products to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our products are easy-to-use, durable, high in quality and economical in price. We have more than 3,000 items in our product range for home, cooperate and industrial use.  They are all specially designed and made to cater to your daily lifestyle. 
Our products are categorized under D.I.Y., Stationery, Garden, Industrial, Furniture, Household and Recycled items. Our products are distributed to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Our mission is to be the leading brand in plastic ware 
and to fulfill our customers'  lifestyle needs.
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Follow us today and be updated on the Best Deals we have to offer!

Follow us today and be updated on the Best Deals we have to offer!
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